Welcome back to another week on the blog! Today I’m sharing a request I received concerning empty corners and how to fill the voided space! If you didn’t know this already, I am CONSTANTLY welcoming new blog post requests! Because there’s nothing I love more than hearing your hiccups in design and helping you solve them. Especially here on the blog for everyone else to benefit from!

So below are my favorite ways to address a bare corner. Since every space is different, surely at least one of these will apply!


This relaxed, yet elegant design choice is a designer favorite! Plus, what a comfy little nook this creates for you to relax in! If you have the space, I’m LOVING this trend. Pair it with a side table, reading light and a cozy throw blanket… you’ll be set!

If I had this kind of set up in my home, I’d most likely be dedicating it as the place I get my Saturday Podcast’s in. Currently loving: How I Built This With Guy Raz + The Goal Digger Podcast, for you business minded humans! Otherwise, have you listened to The Dropout or Cold yet? Chilling! Leave a comment below if you have another favorite podcast for me to invest my time into!



This applies to any storage cabinet whether it be dresser, credenza, armoire, bookcase, etc. I especially love the look of a vintage piece to fill this space, like pictured above. How cute does it look nestled in this bathroom and layered with vintage artwork and accessories? This option is perfect for those of you who may be looking for a little extra storage! Practical and pretty, my favorite combo!



If your space is tight, but you’re looking for a fun way to finish off the look of your room, try adding floating corner shelves! We’re loving this unique idea and the added interest it gives to a space! I also love how shelves can make for some really fun + personal styling moments. Store all your favorite finds and cherished treasures there.

If you’re looking for some great options for shoppable shelving, try our go-to’s:


May I quickly just note: this option applies for all corners of the home, not just in the dining space! And boy do we looove a good chair moment! There are so many GREAT options out there for fashionable dining chairs. And to make this corner moment really shine? You’ll want to pick a chair that has a lot of character! That way this once tired corner can now really speak for itself.

Need ideas for artwork? We’ve put together a list of favorites in a previous post! Just click HERE.



Another great way to make use of the space you have! This idea not only completely ups your furniture game, but doubles as a work station or some helpful storage. We love how using a rectangular furniture piece really allows for you to use every bit of that corner! Pair it with a wall mirror or art prints so you have something to look at as you sit there pondering ;)



This is ALWAYS a safe go-to option + what I’m totally determining as necessary if you don’t already have greenery in the room. Plants have this way of bringing a space to life. Complete the look with a cute pot or basket for an upgraded look you can’t forgo!

Need ideas for which plants to buy? We shared a list of our favorites in this blog post HERE.


This option works extremely well in a bedroom or office! Cozy up by a window in a nice relaxing accent chair. Again, you could pair it with a side table, accent lighting and a cozy throw for maximum comfort!

Also, I can’t not mention how in love I am with the petite gallery wall, shown above. Need ideas for your home’s gallery wall? Follow our Pinterest board by clicking HERE.

Was this post helpful to you? Tell us in the comments below! As well as anything else you may be struggling with. We’d love to entertain some new ideas for blog posts together!

Xo, Ames

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