Oh, Pinterest. The place we go to escape from the world and into our own little dream world. Where everything is perfect and pretty. Where we each have our favorite boards and pins. You following me? Well, what’s fun about the new Pinterest analytics is that we get to see what pins of ours you love and save the most!

Today we’re sharing our top pins from this past month plus a few thoughts on why we think that’s the case! So lets dive right in, shall we?

This very clean + modern bathroom… It hits all the trends! Natural wood vanity, black finger pull hardware, frameless shower glass, no shower dam, matte black faucetry, white stack bond tile… it’s all there! Which is why we feel so many of you have gravitated to it so heavily. Such pretty and seamless design!

This photo has recirculated my Pinterest page over and over again as I keep selecting it as inspo for projects we’re working on! But this time, you all loved it just as much as I do! Let’s be honest, the working creatives behind Disc Interiors are phenomenal. Everything they touch is pure magic. I just adore their modern take on a revival home.

This one is pure gold. I think we can all admit, this arch trend is getting us giddy! We’re seeing it being incorporated now in so many different ways, all over the place! And this front door and hallway of arches sure shines in this entryway. What a perfect way to add architectural interest and character to a home.

Love this quant little dining space. As some of you may know, we just bought a similar Ikea table for our dining nook and we love it! Paired with natural wood dining chairs, this trend seems to be exploding all over the web, but we’re not mad about it! Heck, we’ve even embraced it!

This timeless beauty. We know that everyone’s willing to pin a good open shelf in the kitchen photo… But what caught my eye, and I’m sure many of yours too, is the marble floating shelves! Insert all the heart eye emojis! I guarantee we’ll see more of this stunning design surface soon!

I’d like to believe that more and more of us are gravitating toward a bit of a Spanish style vibe. And I’m SO happy about it! I landed my dream project this year that has Spanish Revival written all over it and I cannot wait! If I was in the process of building right now, this would definitely be my direction of design.

Buuuut love a good minimal moment! This photo was from our recent blog post, 2019 Design Trends We’re On Board With. Talking about how less is more! I’m feeling more drawn to a carefully styled space than an eclectic clutter these days. Marie Kondo type vibes!

And possibly saving my favorite for last. Because the free-standing tubs are all about the SHAPE right now. Make it unique, make it bold, make it charming! And everyone’s gravitating towards faucets with porcelain lever handles. Plus, you can never go wrong with a open style marble and brass vanity!

Well, that’s all for now. In the meantime, we’ll keep pinning and you keep saving! Tell us if you enjoyed this post in the comments below and we’ll be sure to do another Pinterest Roundup for March!

Xo, Ames

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