We just received our wedding video back from the lovely Emily Evans Video and I just had to share the workings of her many talents with you!

I’ll admit, my journey to finding a wedding videographer was long and painful. I didn’t want the said person to be a friend or family member, because naturally I wanted them to come enjoy and be a part of the day. But suddenly after ruling out those options, I realized I was left with none. I didn’t follow any other wedding videographers on Instagram.. So there my journey began. Spending long painful hours searching and watching and never really finding anyone I loved (or who wasn’t already booked).

At one point, I gave up and figured we just wouldn’t have a wedding video. But somehow (literally 1.5 weeks before the wedding!!!) I stumbled across Emily and she was by some miracle not booked out on the 15th of September!

She documented our wedding so beyond beautifully. And I’m SO grateful for her work in putting this together for us. If you’re a Utah native and know people getting married, I would 10/10 recommend.

So without further ado, our wedding day video:

- - - - -

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